We are Dendron

Our goal is the long-term growth of health and beauty brands. We provide marketing, sales and distribution services to brand owners and manage brands from launch to sales, covering all trade channels in the UK.

Starting with a framework that is carefully tuned to your brand and your business, we welcome many different working arrangements, from setting up joint venture partnerships to establishing sales and distribution structures.

We think you'll like the way we do business. Being a family owned company informs our values and is the foundation of our unique culture:

  • We think long-term and make decisions for the benefit of the whole business.
  • We invest heavily in our people, relationships, brands and assets.
  • We are not hierarchical and encourage people to challenge us constructively.
  • Integrity runs through us, we show respect for all and are open, honest and fair.
  • Social responsibility is part of the way we do business.
  • We believe that people work best when they are treated in the right way and given the responsibility and authority to do what they do best.

These aren’t just words written on a company website. They are words that influence how we do business every day. Contact us to find out more.